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Service of Notutekst

Notutekst is situated near the centre of Utrecht, conveniently in the heart of the Netherlands. He delivers written support to managers. Written support could be accounts for several purposes. It also could be a paper to inform. 

The owner

My name is Geertjan Benus and I am the owner of this business. When necessary I cooperate with colleagues in the market.

I am self employed, ambitious and flexible.

My roots are in the Netherlands. This does not mean it ties me to one spot on the map; I like travelling.

Your interest

As your temporary secretary I have your interests at heart. I deliver two products: (1) minutes and summaries for realizing targets in management and (2) text (columns) for realizing targets in communication.  

My personal Background

Taking minutes in the civil servants atmosphere inspired me to write about aspects of public government. I published some of my columns on the internet in Dutch in order to define e.g. the border between public and private interests and to show the position I have taken in my career as being self employed among civil servants during almost 20 years. In these years I gathered information by making use of professional techniques in social studies. This gathered information inspired me to write this column:  


My education     

 -  Professional Education (Teaching Training College (a) social studies and (b) health care) and widely orientated in Dutch society by experience

 -  Courses in:

  1. Middle management
  2. Public relations
  3. Journalism

 -   Well-acquainted with the latest developments in management and politics

My  services

I am specialized in covering various types of meetings matching your purposes.

I usually deliver the desired minutes/summaries the same day or the day after the meeting.

I put text writing in practice as being a volunteer for the public government.

As an author/examiner I deliver the desired work on demand. The time of delivery will depend on the complexity of your demand. 

Notutekst can be hired for the following specialities:                          

-   Activities for the purpose of public relations - your interest is mine

-   Minuting

-   Writing leaflets

-   Writing brochures

-   Translations

-   Formally written letters in Dutch

-   Coverages of the results of your negotiations.

-   Coverages of your contract agreement meeting or brainstorm session, et cetera.


If you are interested in more information:

>  Please, call me: 030 2991730 or 06 209.58.352

>  Send me an e-mail:  Dit e-mailadres is beschermd tegen spambots. U heeft Javascript nodig om het te kunnen zien.

>  Pay me a visit, you are welcome.





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